Code Violation Negotiation and Resolution Services

Code violation management is a highly specialized and difficult process that requires experienced staff, specialized solutions, and a collaborative technology platform. Compliance Connections conducts careful negotiation on behalf of our clients that is designed to resolve the violation and preserve the asset value while minimizing the financial impact for the stakeholders. If left unaddressed, code violation can result in the lender’s losing title to the property. Through proactive management and careful servicing, Compliance Connections will protect our client’s ownership and reduce or eliminate the assessment of penalties, interest, and other fees.

Using Compliance Connections as the centralized solution streamlines communication and fulfillment over an entire enterprise, thus keeping diverse business groups—such as internal audit, risk management, collections, loss mitigation, foreclosure, bankruptcy and REO—connected and informed.

Duplication of effort, inconsistent messaging, and disjointed servicing will be eliminated when Compliance Connections becomes your dedicated solution.