Enterprise Workflow Management Solution

HOAs are aggressively working to reduce neighborhood blight within their communities. Lenders and their appointed providers are responsible for a growing number of vacant bank-owned properties. Identifying the responsible party within these large lender organizations and establishing a quick line of communication is nearly impossible. In many instances, the violation notices are overlooked or else they take a long time to reach the right people. Compliance Connections provides a workflow management solution that helps Home Ownership Associations identify property stakeholders, demand performance, reconcile property condition, track compliance, and collect outstanding receivables.

The flexible technology solution…

  • Increases efficiencies
  • Speeds processing
  • Improves documentation
  • Provides transparency
  • Reduces costs

Our workflow driven system provides immediate notification of new violations to the lender, tracks abatement activity, and provides HOAs with a dashboard that enables quick and comprehensive monitoring of all code violation compliance activity.

Using Compliance Connections as the centralized solution streamlines communication and fulfillment, regardless of which department within the lender is working to resolve the violation. Duplication of effort, inconsistent messaging, and disjointed servicing will be eliminated when Compliance Connections becomes your dedicated solution.