Lien Management and Compliance Enforcement Services

Achieving compliance may require the aggressive enforcement of civil statutes, even including recording a lien against the property or taking title altogether. Numerous procedural steps must be followed to provide the municipality with the legal authority to enforce compliance. Most of these tasks are characterized as overly administrative and as responsible for keeping Code Enforcement Officers out of the field and away from curing blight within the community.
Compliance Connections offers a full suite of support services to assist the municipality in the legal enforcement of housing covenants and code violations. The services include the following:

  • Posting notices on the property as required by local statute or ordinance
  • Creation and presentation of demands and default notices via certified mail or other statutorily approved delivery
  • Publishing violation notices and enforcement actions
  • Locating defendants through skip tracing
  • Comprehensive default management and repossession services
    • Attorney referral
    • Foreclosure timeline management
    • Processing of reinstatement and payoff demands
    • Valuation services
    • Foreclosure sale bidding instructions
    • Evictions
  • Property receivership services