Lien Monitoring and Resolution Services

Compliance Connections offers a complete suite of lien monitoring and resolution services, which matches our highly specialized staff and business solutions with your portfolio of high risk assets. Our unique service offerings and technology platform leverages our best-in-class business acumen and experience. Our solution frees up your resources so that you can focus on what your company does best, while providing complete solvency on all of your code violation needs. Upon receipt of the code violation we will…

  • Make contact with the issuing agency and establish contact information.
  • Inspect the property and make an independent verification of property conditions.
  • Create a case plan to address the violation and lay out the compliance options available to the stakeholder.
  • Monitor the activities of the municipality.
  • Implement the compliance solution selected by the stakeholder.
  • Communicate with the municipalities and secure any necessary approvals.
  • Oversee abatement activities, including securing required permits, certificate of occupancy, and clearance reports.